Ms. Rachael N. Mayanja, Assistant Secretary-General, Special Adviser on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women at the United Nations, has asked Ms. Marcia McBroom, founder of For Our Children's Sake Foundation Inc., to create an event to bring about public awareness,and raise funds for the war-ravaged women in Darfur. 
The concert entitled "VOICES FOR THE VOICELESS; A concert of compassion" is a much-needed humanitarian effort. The United Nations and For Our Children's Sake Foundation featured performing artists:  "Sweet Honey in the Rock", 
"The Canaan Baptist Church Youth Mass Choir", "Earthdriver", and "The Piragramic Cultural Arts Association Dance Company" to draw focus to this tragedy on Wednesday June 13th, 2007. Concerts will be ongoing.




Voices For The Voiceless
at the
Canaan Baptist Church Of Christ
“Serving From the Heart of Harlem”
132 West 116th Street, New York City
June 13th 2007    7-10 pm


♦Canaan Baptist Church of Christ

♦ For Our Children’s Sake Foundation Inc.

♦ Ms. Rachel N. Mayanja Assistant Secretary-General,
Special Adviser on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women at the United Nations

♦The United Federation of Teachers

♦International Creative Management

♦Larry Gold/Sounds of Brazil

The Deauville Hotel

♦Song of the Lorelei Productions

♦Hendrick House

Darfur has been in the midst of civil war for over 20 years according to news reports. Civil unrest has led to the displacement of over 2 million people countrywide, and the deaths of over 300,00 people. President Obama and former Secretary Of State Colin Powell, have called the killings, rapes and violence, genocide. House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, met with former President Bush on March 16th, 2006, following an extensive tour of Darfur, and endorsed the creation of a special envoy post. The United Nations has described the Darfur conflict as "the world's gravest humanitarian crisis." The United Nations (and UNICEF) have committed to raising over $33 million in aid, and this proposed concert event would help facilitate reaching that goal.

For Our Children's Sake Inc. has continued to promote the philosophy that young people must be exposed to an awareness of the world around them, and that we as their elders must pass on the torch of activism! We are in a perfect position to give to those most in need and bring people of all ages, cultures, ethnic groups and creeds together. We mustn't turn our backs on the ravaged women in Darfur! Those who are looking for a way to show concern and support, please come join us in this effort!


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